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What Can a New York Criminal Lawyer Do for Charges of White-Collar Crime?

What Can a New York Criminal Lawyer Do for Charges of White-Collar Crime?

If you are charged with embezzlement or wire fraud, your first phone is probably to a New York criminal lawyer. Just after arraignment, you’ll meet with this criminal lawyer to discuss the facts and circumstances leading to your arrest. In this conversation, the lawyer will also answer questions about the crime and charges against you. Read More

A Traffic Court Lawyer Explains: What Is the Impact of Multiple Traffic Violations?

You’ll frequently hear a traffic court lawyer say that it isn’t your first traffic violation that causes major problems, but the second, third, fourth, and fifth violations. When you have multiple traffic violations on your driving record, the ramifications start to become more serious and far-reaching. It steadily becomes more important to fight a traffic Read More

Can a Criminal Lawyer Help You Fight Drug Charges?

Historically, the State of New York has enacted some of the United States’ harshest drug laws. Back in the early 1970’s rising drug use in the state, particularly in and around New York City, led the state legislature to enact a set of punitive laws, which created a mandatory minimum sentence for drug possession and Read More

Do Pedestrians Legally Have the Right of Way in New York?

The State of New York averages 300 pedestrian fatalities a year. Many of these unfortunate encounters occur in New York City, with approximately 15,000 pedestrians injured in NYC each year, but accidents occur across the state. A New York traffic lawyer will handle cases involving pedestrians injured everywhere from rural roads to suburban streets. The Read More

From a Long Island Traffic Lawyer: How Does a Traffic Ticket Impact Your CDL?

Whether you work for a trucking company, moving operation, or delivery service, your commercial driver’s license (CDL) is necessary for your job. Earning your CDL in New York isn’t easy. You must pass a written test to receive your commercial learner permit and pay an application fee. Then you need to complete practice hours with Read More

How Long Will My New York Personal Injury Case Take?

Clients frequently approach a lawyer with two, separate expectations on timing and duration of their New York personal injury case. Some clients believe all court cases are lengthy and insufferable. These clients are concerned with spending years caught up in a legal dispute, without any recovery in sight. Other potential clients expect their settlement check Read More